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The place of informality in elderly care – 1

Posted on December 10th, by Harriet in Being Well. No Comments

When my mother was about my age, she spent two years caring for her elderly aunt. She moved her into her own house, cooked, fetched and carried and dealt with doctors and hospitals. My aunt’s name was Connie Pledger and in those days, 30 years ago, professional people still addressed clients and patients with some formality. Mother would receive phone calls about ‘Mrs Pledger’ and she couldn’t help correcting them by saying ‘Miss Pledger.’ It was important to her, as it was to Connie, to get it right. Proper, formal manners were synonymous with respect. As my mother always said, ‘good manners are a sensitivity to the feelings of others.’ It was a small but important thing, a little campaign to ensure Connie was honoured and respected in every possible way up to the end of her life.

Things have changed. As my mother became more and more unwell, during the past few years, she had to get used to doctors, nurses, carers and just about everyone else she encountered, calling her Caroline instead of Mrs Stack. After a while she began to appreciate the friendliness and the sense of connection that comes with using a given name, rather than a … Read More »