It’s an amazing thing, to be alive inside a human body. Life is mysterious, terrifying, exciting and beautiful. We are all on a journey, discovering as we go along the things that make us feel great and the things that challenge us.

Harriet Stack

Sharing the journey

I’ve learned more than my share of lessons and I’ve discovered a lot of the good stuff along the way. My mission is to share my discoveries and to help others to open up to the wonders of our existence.

I’m a single mum with five years’ experience of home educating, a writer, editor and lawyer (practising criminal law under the name Harriet Balcombe). I have a strong literary background having read English at Newnham College, Cambridge. I also know that the knowledge we can learn with our heads is only one aspect of our existence.

If you think there must be more to life, if you wish you could feel a little freer, a little more peaceful, why not join me? Follow my blog, my Twitter feed and my Facebook page, and sign up for my newsletter. Discover with me the joys of a worry-resilient lifestyle, the deep satisfaction of a new spiritual dimension at mid-life and the freedom that meditation brings us.

Sit back, get a hot drink and put some music on. Start reading and prepare to be questioned, to look at things differently. It’s such an exciting journey; let’s travel together!