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British values, human values

Posted on June 26th, by Harriet in A Brush With The Law. No Comments

The head of Ofsted, Amanda Spielman, has said that schools must do more to promote ‘British values.’

Curious as to what British values might be, beyond tea, politeness and weathering the weather, I checked up on what the Department for Education had said.

Government advice published in November 2014 defines an understanding of British values as follows:

• an understanding of how citizens can influence decision-making through the
democratic process;

• an appreciation that living under the rule of law protects individual citizens and is essential for their wellbeing and safety;

• an understanding that there is a separation of power between the executive and the judiciary, and that while some public bodies such as the police and the army can be held to account through Parliament, others such as the courts maintain independence;

• an understanding that the freedom to choose and hold other faiths and beliefs is protected in law;

• an acceptance that other people having different faiths or beliefs to oneself (or having none) should be accepted and tolerated, and should not be the cause of prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour; and

• an understanding of the importance of identifying and combatting discrimination.

This list has been widely summarised as:

The Rule of Law
Individual liberty
Mutual respect for … Read More »

How do we British cope with our weather?

Posted on July 14th, by Harriet in Being Well. 2 comments

It’s raining. Again. We are half way through July and we’ve had no Summer. I don’t mind it being wet, as long as it’s not cold, but even I am starting to think, “come on, that’s enough, let’s have some fine weather before Autumn comes!”

In the UK we are famous for our weather. For geographical reasons, it is always changing and often unpredictable, although, to be fair, the meteorological people do seem to have become a lot more proficient at forecasting than they were. What is more, we are very skilled at discussing the weather for hours on end. In fact, in Britain, if conversation about the weather were suddenly banned, most casual communication would cease. It’s what we talk about in shops, bus queues (yay, we’re British, we’re good at queuing too!) and even at parties, sometimes.

One might think that with our climate we’d plan activities indoors to avoid the chance of being “rained off”; not a bit of it! We love everything outdoorsy: walking, picnics, gardening (well, the rain does help with that), festivals. All of our favourite sports are outdoor ones, and even the Wimbledon rules say … Read More »