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Elderly Care – Making Decisions for Parents

Posted on December 12th, by Harriet in Being Well. No Comments

It can be strange and uncomfortable when we suddenly find ourselves having to take responsibility for our parents. These people, often, took care of us when we were tiny, taught us most of what we needed to know about the world, made decisions about where we lived, our education and our health. They helped us through teenage difficulties and gave advice (which we might or might not have taken) when we were launched on the world as young adults. The reality of beginning to make decisions about their care, their health and even their financial affairs is a shock even if we know it is likely to happen.

Every family’s situation is different. I have come across so many varied circumstances. Children, siblings, nieces and nephews may all be called to take on responsibilities and decisions, sometimes formally, sometimes less so. The weight of responsibility is usually heavy as no-one wants this. The fact that our elderly relatives need such help is sad, and the fact that we are the people called on to provide it reminds us that we are now real grown-ups. There is no-one else to turn to, no-one to tell us if we are getting it right … Read More »

The Maverick Bluestocking on Big Decisions

Posted on August 8th, by Harriet in Being Well. 8 comments

We all know that decisions can change the course of our lives, and that sometimes we have to make brave decisions. I have been reflecting recently on a big decision I made five years ago that had a huge impact on my life.

For reasons that are personal to him, my son always found school very difficult, and by the time he was 13, in a large comprehensive, it was unbearable. He is very clever and talented but just couldn’t cope with the hustle and bustle and structure of school.

We tried everything but I had to face up to the fact that things were only going to get worse if he stayed at school. So I researched home education and decided we would give it a try. Luckily, having a legal background meant it was easy for me to feel confident that I was doing everything in a way that would satisfy the authorities and it seems to me that many more parents would take this route if they understood their rights and responsibilities better.

Anyway. It was a very big deal because I am a single parent and had just qualified into a profession. Having the Teenager at home meant that … Read More »