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Business – what we can learn from large organisations

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Like many women of a certain age, I run a business. Mine is the smallest kind as I am a freelancer. I have only myself to manage. Well, that’s the theory, but sometimes it seems like a lot more!

I haven’t always worked for myself. I’ve been employed in the public sector, by a large manufacturing company, by commercial enterprises of all sizes and by several law firms. I also used to run a training company with several employees.

This is what I noticed when I moved from a large organisation to doing all the jobs myself. I was used to going to meetings, often hundreds of miles away, representing my department, Logistics, while other individuals represented theirs, such as Marketing, Purchasing, Sales etc. We would negotiate, sometimes even argue (politely) because we all had slightly different agendas. The factories wanted lots of materials ordered, whereas a ‘just in time’ model meant we were trying to keep stocks as low as possible. Purchasing wanted the new packaging ordered, but Marketing weren’t ready with the graphics. Eventually we would reach a compromise and almost all the time the result was the best thing for the company.

When I started doing all the jobs, the … Read More »

Making my father’s day

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This was me, sitting on my father’s lap, over 50 years ago. A rare occurrence, even then. We weren’t close, and since I have grown up, until his stroke three years ago, we only met once a year for lunch when he returned briefly to the UK from his home in Dubai.

Now everything has changed, this very successful international businessman is barely still wtih us, has forgotten most of his past and is confused about the present. It’s so sad to see what a human being can be reduced to, as a result of a biological event.

There is nothing I can do to change the past and there is nothing to be gained by dwelling on it. If sadness or regret arise, I allow them to stay as long as they want but I don’t feed them. There is an ebb and flow.

On Sunday, however, I helped to make my father’s day. My brother and I visited him at the nursing home in the late afternoon. It was tea time when we arrived, and I took over feeding him mouthfuls of baked potato followed by cheesecake. He said it was lovely. This is the man who ate regularly … Read More »

Stillness is the answer

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If we are running a business for ourselves there ought to be a lot of fun. But what constitutes ‘fun’ is different for each person. What do you enjoy most, think of as fun, in your business?

I am really pleased with my productivity today and I am sure that is due to the amount of rest I had yesterday, and well over two hours’ meditation with an hour of yoga on top of that. This morning I felt quite groggy, which I expect is a result of lots of stress releasing, and then gradually I shifted up through the gears and managed to achieve a lot.

And the biggest achievement is that I sailed through the part which I find to be not fun. Unusually, I believe, I don’t enjoy planning promotional material, thinking about posters, flyers and stationery, getting things printed or anything visual. I’m not a very visual person; I’m all about thinking and words. I will happily write the copy but the rest of it is a challenge. So it was great to find that I easily and quickly decided on the flyer and business card design and copy that I wanted and sent off the order. It … Read More »