Editing Services

penandpaperWhether you are an individual, an entrepreneur or an organisation, from time to time you will need to produce written material. You may find this easy or you might want some help. Perhaps you’d like expert advice on how well your document reads, or perhaps you need to have the grammar, punctuation and spelling checked. Your documents, web pages and brochures are an important part of your public image and if the writing is not elegant, polished and grammatically correct, that image will suffer. Design and pictures are important, but the writing matters just as much.

If you are self-publishing, whatever the size of the work, you will need a copy editor to spot blips and correct errors before you publish.

My service is flexible: from a light copy edit (often referred to as proof-reading) to a deeper involvement in style, I will always work to your personal requirements. I am well known for my love of language and my passion for correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. I can help you to produce impressive writing that shines, while retaining the authenticity of your unique voice.

If you’d like to know more, let’s talk. Contact me and we’ll discuss how I can help, by email, phone or Skype, with no obligation.


Harriet is a word editrix. I use her services because she’s super-speedy, super-efficient and most importantly, she’s a total treat to work with. Whatever you’re paying for her services, just know that it’s not enough, your words/book/web copy will thank you for choosing Harriet to work her word magic. – Lisa Lister – author, publisher and book writing coach, www.sassyology.com
Harriet Stack’s proof-reading was discrete, efficient and professional. She made light amendments which did not alter the overall “voice” and tidied up the grammar in the process. Thank you very much. – Helene Musso