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Business – what we can learn from large organisations

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Like many women of a certain age, I run a business. Mine is the smallest kind as I am a freelancer. I have only myself to manage. Well, that’s the theory, but sometimes it seems like a lot more!

I haven’t always worked for myself. I’ve been employed in the public sector, by a large manufacturing company, by commercial enterprises of all sizes and by several law firms. I also used to run a training company with several employees.

This is what I noticed when I moved from a large organisation to doing all the jobs myself. I was used to going to meetings, often hundreds of miles away, representing my department, Logistics, while other individuals represented theirs, such as Marketing, Purchasing, Sales etc. We would negotiate, sometimes even argue (politely) because we all had slightly different agendas. The factories wanted lots of materials ordered, whereas a ‘just in time’ model meant we were trying to keep stocks as low as possible. Purchasing wanted the new packaging ordered, but Marketing weren’t ready with the graphics. Eventually we would reach a compromise and almost all the time the result was the best thing for the company.

When I started doing all the jobs, the … Read More »

Engage with rage or step back in peace?

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When we look at the world around us, there is plenty to be angry about. Going by my social media feeds, it seems we have two choices as to how we can cope with all the upsetting stuff going on:

1. Keep informed, engage with the issues, spread the message, voice our anger; or:
2. Sell the telly, take less notice of current events and cultivate our own peace.

There are problems with both these approaches. If we take the first and allow ourselves to be consumed by anger, indignation and even bitterness, we are likely to become resentful, cynical, exhausted and even unwell. The second choice may keep us calm and safe unless something unpleasant happens to pierce the bubble, but we could be doing ourselves – and the world – out of the opportunity to make a change, however small, to the world around us.

Engage, get angry, feel uncomfortable, risk confrontation.

Or preserve our own sense of peace, calm and love, shielding ourselves and our families from horrible goings on?

My answer is neither.

Or, more accurately, both.

If we are privileged enough to have access to media of all kinds and the leisure time to peruse it, I believe that we have an obligation … Read More »