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Tea at the Ritz

Posted on September 27th, by Harriet in 2012 - A Year To Celebrate. 6 comments

Last Thursday I fulfilled a long-held ambition: I went to tea at the Ritz. This was the first item on my birthday list, my 50 things to do to celebrate being 50. Originally some friends and I had booked to go on my actual 50th, but we had to reschedule, and ended up celebrating my last day of being 50, ie the day before my birthday.

The whole day was one of unstinting luxury. Two of my lovely friends got together and arranged a big taxi – not a limo but a big people carrier with a table in it – to pick us up, starting at my house, and deliver us at the steps of the Ritz. Never before, or at least not since I was a child and it was easier to drive in, have I been driven door to door into London. We had such fun on the way there, drinking fizzy stuff, eating strawberries and sightseeing. When we poured out on to the pavement, the doorman took one look at the six of us (we were meeting one friend there) and asked, ‘who is the tallest of you ladies?’ We all range between about 5’0” and 5.4” … Read More »

Has it really been a whole year?

Posted on December 31st, by Harriet in 2012 - A Year To Celebrate. No Comments

2012 is nearly over. It’s 9pm and in three hours we will be into 2013, and my big year of celebration will be finished – or will it? I have actually counted 46 celebrations so I have four to go. A bit like a muffin top hanging over the tight waistband of December. And because I have learned this year that imperfection is fine, in fact it’s real and alive, and because I am the one who makes the rules in this game, I can allow the overspill. Hey, it’s supposed to be a celebration, so what’s the point in getting stressed and controlling?!

Since the drama of my tattoo on Friday I have squeezed in one more challenge, which was to go to the cinema on my own. I wanted to see Skyfall, and found out the last showing at the local Odeon was on Saturday evening. Date night. Well, once I’ve made my mind up I can be very determined so I decided to take myself to the cinema for my very own date. I did feel a bit conspicuous all on my tod but I am very used to … Read More »

Shock: 50 year-old woman gets tattoo!

Posted on December 29th, by Harriet in 2012 - A Year To Celebrate. 3 comments

The year is nearly over and I’m squeezing a few more celebrations in before midnight on Monday! I will probably get to about number 46 so there will be some overspill but it’s all fine; this year I’ve learned a lot about the joys of imperfection, among many, many other things, and I’m happy to say that it was only my rule to do 50 things during 2012, so if it takes a few more days, weeks or a month then I’m a bit silly if I get upset, aren’t I?

Yesterday, however, was a big one that I had been umming and ahhhing about for at least two years. The clue’s in the title and the picture. Yup, yesterday morning I went all by myself to the local tattoo parlour to let a rather young and very nice chap called Luke draw a dove with an olive branch on my ankle. Permanently.

Why did I want to do this? Partly challenge, like a dare I suppose, and partly because if I didn’t do it I would always wonder whether I really should have. Also it was to do with expressing myself creatively in a different … Read More »